Grant Application

In submitting an application, please consider the following:

While not a requirement for approval, some preference is given to organizations and individuals affiliated with Immanuel Lutheran Church and those organizations that are tax-exempt.

Successful grant applications will conform to the mission priorities of the Trust Fund stated in the Overview.

We encourage applications with matching funds and those that show innovation in how the idea or project shares and shows God’s love.

The Trust Fund does not support the following:

  • General purpose/operating grants
  • Advertising
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political purposes or campaigns
  • Endowment funds
  • Overhead fees

Step One - Grant Application Submission

The Trust Fund Board of Trustees (the Board) accepts grant applications on a rolling basis, reviews grant applications and makes grant decisions quarterly. Grants that align with the mission priorities of the Trust will be considered. Applications can be received from and submitted to the Immanuel Church office by mail or email ( ). It is recommended that applications be submitted 30 days prior to any scheduled quarterly meeting.

Step Two - The Board Reviews the Grant Application

Applications undergo a review by the Board. Grant applicat ions that meet the Trust’s eligibility criteria and priorities will be slated for consideration at the next quarterly meeting. Additional information or an interview may be requested as part of this review process. A pplicants whose projects do not meet these criteria will be notified, and their applications will be withdrawn from the approval process. Decisions are final.

Step Three - The Board Notifies Grant Applicant of Decision

Grant seekers will be notified of the Board’s decision within two weeks of the meeting at which their application was considered. If approved, grant money will be distributed within a reasonable timeframe to meet the applicant’s needs. Recipients will be required to provide documentation and a follow-up report (a form for this will be provided to the recipient at the time the grant monies are distributed).

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I understand that:
  1. Grant money should be used solely for the purpose and time period described in the grant application.
  2. Any deviation should receive the approval of the Trust Fund Board.
  3. Any funds not used during the specified timeframe or for the purpose of the grant are to be returned to the Trust Fund.
  4. Upon completion of the project, a report will be submitted to the Trust Fund Board of Trustees.
I agree and comply with these stipulations: