Preschool News

Create-A-World Preschool Covid-19 Safety Plan

New safety guidelines will be put in place this year to protect our preschool families. 

Here are some of the protocols we will be putting in place this year. Please note that, due to ever changing circumstances, these policies may change. 

Preschool Preview
The week of August 31-September 3
This will be a one-on-one 20 minute preview of the preschool for students and parents. We will tour the classroom, meet the teachers, complete paperwork and practice arrival and dismissal procedures.

Arrival Procedure 8:55-9:05
Parents will drive up parallel to the sidewalk and park at the preschool entrance. The first three cars will walk with their child to the front door where a daily screening will take place. The screening will be a parent signature check in form and student temperature recording. The students will then walk with the teacher to the classroom and the next three cars can proceed to the front of the line.

Dismissal Procedure 11:30
Parents will drive up to the front door of the church and stay in their car while the teachers walk the students out to the car line. 

Mask Required
Yes - Parents at drop off and Preschool Preview
Students age 5 and up
Optional - for students under 5

Students will bring one or two snack items and a water bottle in a lunch box to school daily

Class size
Students will be placed in a group of no more than 7 students while inside the building. The groups will alternate activities and locations between classroom, nature trail, playground, gym, reading room and snack table. 

Health and Cleaning
Students will wash hands on arrival, before snack, after snack, after restroom, before dismissal and as needed (after craft, tissue use).
Teachers will sanitize surfaces and materials used daily.

Any student or teacher experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to stay at home, seek medical guidance and not return until cleared by a doctor or negative test result.
Positive test results will require quarantining. The school will contact the health department and follow their recommendations for contact tracing and school operation.

Virtual Learning
During any short term closure the preschool is prepared to offer online learning and interaction for the students. There will be craft supplies and activity sheets available to families to continue learning at home.

Students will bring supplies (crayons, markers, glue stick, scissors) to be stored in a school provided closed case.

(changes made to allow for extra cleaning)

$165/month (September-May)

$115/month (September-May)