Immanuel Green Team

About Immanuel Green Team

With the ELCA Caring for Creation social statement

Caring for Creation Social Statement

In response to this, Immanuel created a Green Team in fall 2022.

Get Involved

The Green Team meetings have been varied. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Sue Waits at or talk to one of the following Green Team Members:
  • Peggy Blomenberg
  • Levi Felling
  • Sarah Aiken-Felling
  • Ray Felling
  • Lang Jacobson
  • Lois Helland
  • Mark Helland
  • Linda Aaseng
  • Nate Aaseng
  • Greg Kaufmann
  • Jon Seamon
  • Cindy Bullock
  • Michael Rehak
  • Pira Mueller

Current Projects

“Recyclables that can’t go in Curbside Bin” Collection
There are many items that can be recycled but can’t be placed in the curbside recycling bin. To assist members and raise awareness about what “non curbside bin” items can be recycled, the Green Team is collecting batteries and cords/chargers. Anyone can place batteries or cords/chargers in the bins and a Green Team member will pick up the collection and take it to First Choice for recycling at no cost. The Green Team plans to introduce other items for collection. Please see the Recycling tab of the Local Resources section of this website to learn more about what can be recycled in our community.

Immanuel is has changed trash haulers from Waste Management to EarthBound Environmental. Not only is EarthBound Environmental locally owned and operated, they also offer composting in addition to traditional trash and recycling pickup.

The Green Team will work with the congregation to learn what can be composted. With over 30% of the landfill consisting of organics, composting is a good strategy to reduce landfill waste.  

A big part of green efforts is awareness. The Green Team connects with local resources and then passes information to the congregation. Please check the local resource and local events portion of this webpage to learn more about what is happening in our community.

JONAH Environmental Task Force

The JONAH Environmental Task Force meets monthly. Our events include:

  • No Mow May - The primary objective of this community wide campaign is to urge homeowners to rethink their lawn and how it relates to the greater ecosystem. There will be speakers, art contests and different activities to learn more about the importance of native pollinators.
  • Signs explaining No Mow May will be acquired through JONAH and placed in various areas on the church lawn. Hopefully, this will encourage neighbors/others to do the same, allowing common flowering plants like dandelion, clover, creeping Charlie and violet to provide food for hungry pollinators, when many other flowers are not yet in bloom. More information can be found HERE!

          To learn more about the JONAH Environmental Task Force, attend a meeting or learn more about the upcoming events, contact Sue Waits at