Worship and Activities Update

March 15, 2022

The Executive Team at Immanuel consists of the Pastor, Council President, Vice President and Secretary. Currently, the executive team is responsible for making decisions about risk mitigation for worship and activities at Immanuel. Thank you for your support and patience as pandemic conditions fluctuate. At this time, during activities at Immanuel you can expect the following:

-All members should stay home if they are sick or are close contacts 

We encourage everyone who is able to be vaccinated. We will be in contact with the Eau Claire City-County Public Health Department when specific issues arise. Thank you again for your understanding and support. Please reach out if you have any questions. Our Youtube channel will be available for all services for those who are in need of virtual worship. 

 -Immanuel Executive Team 

(Jennifer Dean, Pastor Jamie Brieske Becky Ivey, Sandy LaValley)